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EARTHAROMAS Purifying Smudge Stick

EARTHAROMAS Purifying Smudge Stick

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Purifying - White Sage & Lemon Myrtle

The ultimate combination for purification of your sacred space, crystals or ceremonial tools. These two herbs combine to eliminate any negative energies or emotions, leaving the space feeling refreshed and clear.
An Australian Native, Lemon Myrtle has traditionally been used by indigenous Australians for healing. It has a warm and refreshingly sweet, lemony scent.
Lemon Myrtle is a natural antidepressant, restoring peace of mind to people feeling overwhelmed. It is uplifting, yet relaxing and has a calming effect on the home.

All our herbs are grown using organic practices, without the use of artificial sprays or fertilizers.

Size 15cm x 2.5cm and approximately 30 grams
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Care Instructions

Do not leave burning unattending

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