Welcome to my world of Magicality – after 4 years of being mobile, we are putting down roots again at 2/25 Tozer St Gympie. We are also still online. It is a wonderful world of tumbled crystals, oracle and tarot cards, stunning jewellery, KAMA Indian Oil and so much more. My many experiences over the years with Magicality has created a passion for crystals and cards especially. I love to help people discover these wonderful tools for themselves and how they can assist themselves through knowledge and understanding.

I am very excited to be opening Magicality again as more than just a pop-up for a month or so. The plan is to open permanently.

The direction for Magicality is still selling crystals but also a huge array of oracle cards and journals.

The Aura Camera is set up in the shop.   As so many people now are busy busy all the time, shopping at home means that having online availability is essential but if you would like to come and browse, you will be surprised at what you may find. You can buy KAMA Indian Love Oil products, Majik Perfume products this way now.

You can shop for some items on line and then pick up from the shop for anyone close to the Gympie area but parcel post works well and is fairly quick. Most items are in stock but if you can’t find what you are looking for, simply give me a call or contact me via the website and I will endeavour to find it for you. 

You can find all the information about the Energy and Wellbeing Expo events held in Gympie and Maryborough on the relevant page on this site.  Other events, including weekend retreats are in the pipeline.

My passion for Family History is bubbling along and my website Follow YOUR Family is now up and running. Our sense of belonging, our understanding of family members and ourselves can be found through knowing where your roots lie. If you are curious – pop over to www.followyourfamily.com.au and see how I can be of assistance. 

From my heart to yours,  Di Woodstock