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EARTHAROMAS Calming Smudge Stick

EARTHAROMAS Calming Smudge Stick

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Calming - Prairie Sage & Lavender

These two herbs combine to cleanse your surroundings and offer a soothing & calming effect on your home or workplace.

Prairie Sage (Artemisia Ludoviciana), is blessed with many common names, including Grey Sage, Dakota Sage, Lakota Sage, White Sagebrush, Western Mugwort, Silver Wormwood, Mexican Sagewort and many other names. Despite its name, it is not a sage (salvia) and is related to Mugwort. It is sometimes mistakenly called White Sage. (Yes, we agree, it can be very confusing.) It is used to cleanse, heal and purify. It clears negative energies, spirits, emotions and intentions. It is also a very protective herb. Evil spirits flee from it, while good spirits are soothed by it. This is a beautiful herb with a delightful, musky smell and soothing energy.

Lavender (Lavandula allardi). Down through the ages the anecdotal and recorded uses of lavender have contributed to a reputation for being indispensable in dealing with a huge range of physical, emotional and spiritual dilemmas.
To this day lavender is considered essential in the natural treatment of many hurts, both physical and emotional. It is widely used for its soothing and calming effect on the nerves, relieving tension, depression and nervous exhaustion.
Lavender can be used for protection and to safeguard against evil. It is also brilliant for healing emotional upsets. Lavender brings a positive energy, opens the heart chakra and calms the mind.
As with all our herbs, they are grown using organic practices, without the use of artificial sprays or fertilizers.

Size 15cm x 2.5cm and approximately 30 grams
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Do not leave burning unattending

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