Aura Photography

  • How amazing to see your aura in an actual real photograph you can keep forever!  It can go in to the family photo album for future generations to see…

  • There are two options:
    $45 for just the photo or $85 for the photo and interpretation

  • You can have a “before and after” photo taken while holding a crystal, or after having an energy session and see the difference for yourself.

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Aura Photographic – how does it work?

An Aura photograph is produced by a bio-feedback imaging system which scans the energy of the hand. This information passes through a computer program which creates colours around a person image on profession instant film.

The subject of the Aura photo sits in front of a black background to create the contrast for the colours to be most clearly visible on the photograph.

As with any photograph, you are looking at a reversed image of yourself. Therefore you right hand side appears on the photos left hand side and vice versa.

Colour Interpretations – what do the colours mean?

Right Side: The colour on your right side (the photo’s left side) is traditionally the energy being expressed. It is what you are putting out to the world.

Centre: The colour over your head is what you experience for yourself. It is the colour that would best describe you at present.

Left Side: The colour on your left side ( the photo’s right side) is normally the vibration coming into your life. The closer it is to you the sooner it may be felt.

Quick Colour Guide

Infrared: intense, powerful, leadership, passion

Red: challenge, action, power, stubborn, fast paced
Fuchsia Pink: unconditional love, universal love
Pink: tenderness, love, caring, longing, romance

Orange: creativity, enthusiasm, joy, happiness
Golden Orange: fun, self confidence, hard work, enthusiasm

Yellow: happiness, excitement, openness, playfulness, curiosity, intelligence
Yellow-Green: passion, idealism, teaching with joy

Green: Councillor, teacher, growth, gentle strength, empathy
Turquoise: compassion, sensitivity, practicality, teacher, soothing, guide
Aquamarine: spiritual seeker, peacefulness, 

Blue: communication, intuition, rest, loyalty, wisdom, devotion

Indigo: clairvoyance, spiritual truth, imagination,

Violet: cosmic knowledge, faith, magic, imagination
Lavender: elfin-like amusement, spontaneity
Blue-White: communication of spiritual ideals, angels, spirit guides

White: spirituality, divine energy, channelling