The story of Gympie’s Positive Thought Shop

The Beginning: 2002 saw the creation of Magicality by Anita and her cousin Carly, no doubt with many other friends assisting, at 43 Mary St, right next door to City Cafe. From memory there was even a black cat in the shop, herbs and lots of Indian products, hand-made items and fairies.

There were lime green walls and a burgundy ceiling which was covered with what seemed like millions of little fairy lights. A painted floor and lots of interesting stock helped to create this little space. Eva worked with Anita as did Carly and some others including me, as Anita’s book-keeper. This is when I first fell in love with the shop and I still have the first piece of clear quartz that Anita helped me select.

Clothes were a large part of the shop with racks out the front. The dangles and shelves were a huge part of the layout and Anita did a wonderful thing when she created the fittings for this shop. Gympie had its second “hippy” shop as Kaya was already in Condie’s arcade.

March 2004: The shop was put up for sale and the universe enabled Woody & I to become the new owners. People followed me down the street in the mornings to see where the ‘happy person’ worked as I just loved it all so much—my own little piece of heaven. My first customer was looking for a nipple ring {I didn’t even know they existed!} and the next question was “do you have a stoopa?”…. My thoughts went something along the lines of “what the ….. have I got myself into here? I know nothing about nipple rings and stoopas… is this ever going to work?”

Luckily I had a reading with SUSAN SKYRING two days later and the cards came up with such things as ‘karmic journey’ and ‘wheel of fortune’ so onwards and upwards from there. The learning curve of suppliers and bill paying and buying stock that people wanted began. The first day after standing on concrete all day had me going home and wanting to cut my feet off at the knees they were so sore.

The resident reader at the time taught us about past lives, American Indian beliefs and also that ‘sometimes people sell stuff that you don’t know about when you are naive’. He was not with us very long and then our long tradition of helping new readers get established began. Tracey was nervous to step up but did so and over the next year or so, gained knowledge and a very good reputation as being very accurate. We were sad to see her go when she moved to another town.

The shop was evolving to include dragons and fairies as I put my slant on the stock and more crystals and jewellery arrived. You could hatch your own dragons from NZ and many people told us what they had hatched. This was great fun. The floor was painted over with a huge pink lotus which is still there today under the grey carpet.

The Move: By the end of 2005, the shop was too small and a better reading space was required with more privacy. The intent for the new location was to be: close by—in sight definitely so customers wouldn’t lose us, larger and something that I could put my stamp on colour wise.  Again the universe stepped in and my manifesting skills emerged and Mensland just down the road became available. It ticked every single box and the landlord took a punt on us and let us sign a 3-year contract. What a huge leap of faith for him and also for us. But we are all so glad we did it.

This space took two weeks to paint and thank goodness for great friends, Debbie & Chris, who helped us till all hours of the night. Much pizza was eaten on the seat out the front at 9pm at night after a hard evening of painting, after working in the shop each day. We were so nervous as to whether we had done the right thing …..  But Magicality at 55 Mary St was born on the 1st October 2006.

Not long after this, Susan Skyring launched her deck of Australian Wildlife Wisdom in the shop with Maggie Wild & local artist Mo Skett who had created the card images. We were blessed to have many of the original paintings for the display including the main background painting which was created by an Elder in Cairns.

At this time, we still had the lease on the old shop for a further 12 months so when Debbie asked me where we were going to put the clothing, Magicality Clothing came into creation the week after we opened in the new shop. A quick coat of paint, some rapidly created dressing rooms and some very fast purchasing of an eclectic range of clothing happened. Then the place needed to be staffed. Melanie Fitzgibbon was working with us occasionally and Karin was still with us so between us and Shiree Witt, we ran the two shops. Lots of bright colours, some fairy dresses and a little bit of belly dancing pieces were part of our stock. Melanie had just discovered the glory of belly dancing. Little did she know that this love would grow into Tribal Essence as it is today, which is a very highly regarded dance troupe.

Back in the main shop, pretty windows were created and it was so nice to have lovely spaces to fill with beautiful things. Tracey was still our reader at this stage but she left to head north soon after we moved. Sue was a Bowen Therapist and an amazing massage therapist and she set up a permanent room upstairs to run her business from. We needed a new reader and she suggested Julie—a friend of hers. Again, Julie had never read professionally but she slipped in and became part of the family. Sue and Julie began our meditation nights on Tuesdays {which ran for many years} and they also ran self development courses.

By this time we had the space set up for readers and workshops and Susan Skyring became a regular reader and facilitated many workshops and evenings. She was and still is a very important part of our family.

During this time, Natasha Symons had come into the shop, after a drive from the Sunny Coast and she mentioned she was a reader. I said to her “send me through some info on yourself when you get a minute.”  She did just that and 6 years later she was with us till the end of the shop and has been a main stay and supporter of us through those years. For about 5 years she travelled twice a week from her home on the coast to share her love of what she does with the people of Gympie and she has certainly changed many lives in many ways. It has been wonderful to watch her grow in herself as she has embraced new knowledge and ways of incorporating energy into her work. The Crystal Light Healing workshops that she has facilitated over the years have enabled many people to become practitioners in their own right through the courses. These workshops have also created the spaces for like-minded people to come together and many amazing friendships have been formed during these weekends. These friendships will, in many situations, be life long ones. The Women’s Circle which ran for a few years on a Monday sometimes had quite a few ladies attend. I always wanted to do a painting for the healing room—even before it was set up—and before I met Natasha—of a lop sided heart with the colours of the rainbows in it. I saw one at Eumundi markets but didn’t feel I wanted to buy one—I wanted to do my own. Funny enough—Natasha has that shaped heart on her business cards—from before we met! We were certainly blessed the day the universe turned Natasha’s car around on the highway to come back and talk to me that first day!

We have had the pleasure of having Jenny in our Magicality family. Jenny touched so many lives through her pastel drawings and I know that, like me, those “readings’ have been kept and are treasured pictures for many people. Jenny honoured me by becoming a friend and we are all very thankful that she was with us for many years.

Back in the land of Magicality, Shiree bought the clothing shop as I had been struggling to concentrate on both shops. I was sad to see it go but sometimes these things happen. After having met the delightful Sally over the jewellery counter in the little shop many times {she had her own little stool that I would bring out for her when she came to visit so she could spend a good length of time admiring the crystals}, I finally talked her into working with us a few years later. She was always such fun to have around and will forever be known to many people as being the Rose Quartz Queen. Sally certainly has a love affair with sparkles and has a very strong connection to the crystal realm.

Some of the workshops and guests we have hosted over the years have been: Miranda—the full size smoky quartz skull {wow what a day}, Jannine Umana with her energy work and medium ship, Feng Shui and “connecting to source” with Susan Skyring, Young Living Oils with Helen Walker, Crystal Light Healing I, II & III as well as Essence of Angels with Natasha Symons, Hypno-gastric banding with Maggie Wild, Maryke Love with her amazing sounding and speaking, Sharon Brown with all manner of things in the Energy World, Antisk with her readings, Sue Bagust with her Animal Cards, Jacquie Wright with kinesiology, Tennille Heath with her massage, Magic Fingers Nikki Berry with her Kahuna massage, Tarnya Sing and her healing sessions, Linda and her tea leaf readings, Helen May with her anointing sessions, Desiree with her tarot readings, Tanja L’Veena with her crystal readings and Jess Maher with her massage. There are no doubt some others that have eluded me at the time of writing this, for which I apologise.

The past few years cemented this space as a very special place to many. The number of people who just come in for some calmness and quiet, for a shoulder to lean on or for a reading, is proof that good work was being done and I am so blessed that this has been a part of my journey this time round. The stories that race around in my head are too long to put in writing and the sense of the amazement in those stories is too fragile to capture but they are there to be shared if the time is right. The “dangles” area was a place of amazement for many but especially for young Kade. His grandma used to bring him in while he reclined in his pram—he was a young boy who was unable to move his limbs, but he loved to lie and look at the sparkles. I missed him when he began school and wasn’t able to visit as often. I remember a lady coming in to buy a special crystal for a girlfriend who had just recently lost her son to suicide. I told her the story of another lady some years prior who had also lost her son in the same way and was talking to me under the dangles—while we were talking about how much she loved him, I watched a rose quartz hanging spinning of its own accord a few feet away from us. I pointed it out to her and she broke down. Needless to say that crystal went home with her on the day. While I was telling the lady in the shop the story—as we looked towards the dangles from the front counter—a rose quartz hanging was turning around! She then confided to me that she too had lost her son to suicide and that not many people knew. These crystals showed the women that their loved ones were listening to them. That is the sort of miracle that stays with us when you watch it happen.

Another time a lady had come into find a crystal for a friend that was at the end of the cancer journey but she had not quite yet got the courage to go to say good bye. She spent many hours just looking around and ‘being in the space’. Sometime later, after reading that smoky quartz is good for people going through chemo, I selected two long points and simply gave them to her for her friend. It was just something that I needed to do. She was deeply touched by this and finally went on her way to say goodbye to him. Some months later, a postcard arrived at the shop from the man with the cancer telling me that his friend had told him about the crystals and that they were travelling around Australia with him and he thanked me for them.  6 months later, I looked up from the counter at two people I had never seen before and I just knew who they were. He said you don’t know me… and I pointed to the postcard on the wall and said—you sent me this!  He was fit as a mallee bull he said—had done some travelling and pulled the crystals out of his pocket!

The End: As happens, times change and I made the decision that it was time for me to move on.

Woody has been such an important part of this whole journey—moving furniture, changing light bulbs and working in the shop as well. His support has always been 110%. Sam has a heart of pure gold and again is so very supportive. She works bloody hard and has been responsible for many years for keeping our jewellery sparkling clean and rearranging the shelves {often simply so we can’t find anything I think!} constantly. I think she is going a little crazy {like the rest of us crystal nuts} as she reckons the crystals are now talking to her and telling her where they want to be moved to in the cabinets and who they want to sit next too!  One day I suppose I will tell her that they actually talk to all of us. And last but not least, my Thanks to the queen of the rose quartz for hooking me on coffee and bringing such fun and laughter to my every day for many years.


The end of Magicality for me after 11 Christmas’s and nearly 11 years was very sad. But there is no guilt as when I made my decision that my time was up, I put it very plainly to the Universe “that if it is meant to stay, then bring in the new Guardians”. That didn’t happen and so I am honoured to be mobile and online now and still keeping myself in the wonderful community that appreciates all the special things on our earth.

So on that note, I say THANK YOU so very much for supporting us in the past, for allowing us to be a part of Mary St for so long and know that while it is sad, changes are good and new things will emerge in the space which will always carry our imprint of sending love to the universe.

Thank you for spending the time to remember the story of Magicality.