Aura Photography – Located in Gympie Queensland

’empowering your life through colour’

How amazing to see your aura in an actual real photograph you can keep forever!  It can go in to the family photo album for future generations to see…  You can have a “before and after” photo taken while holding a crystal, or after having an energy session and see the difference for yourself.

There are two options:

$25 for just the photo or $60 for the photo and interpretation

With the interpretation, Dianne Woodstock will pull a few oracle cards and then she writes ‘What she gets’ from spirit for you. Sometimes loved ones show up and often your guides peek through.  Sometimes personality traits come up. It also includes how you are seen by others, what is coming in to your life and where you are in your life.

Located in Gympie Queensland.


Up coming events: – hosted by Di Woodstock

Energy & Wellbeing Expo – Maryborough 23 Nov 2019

Energy & Wellbeing Expo – Gympie 7 Mar 2020 & 10 Oct 2020

Energy & Wellbeing Expo – Maryborough 28 Mar & 17 Oct 2020



Other options available:

  • Invite Dianne and the Aura Camera to your shop or healing space in the Queensland area
  • Have a gathering of at least 8 people and we can offer a reading and an aura photo with interpretation. Make it into a fundraiser or a pamper party. We will need to allow for travelling time. Dianne knows a range of different psychic readers and we can make your gathering insightful and fun. In and around the Gympie QLD area only.

Quick Colour Guide

Infrared: intensity, powerful, emotions,leadership, passion

Red: challenge, action, power, demanding, fast paced
Fuchsia Pink: unconditional love, universal love
Pink: tenderness, love, caring, longing, romance
Light Red: joy, eroticism, sexuality, sensitivity, femininity
Red -Orange: desire to be the centre of attention, charisma, entertainment
Orange-Red: confidence, creative expression, activity, originality

Orange: creativity, enthusiasm, joy, happiness
Golden Orange: fun, self confidence, hard work, enthusiasm,
Gold: forgiveness, good will, abundance, prosperity, shining light

Yellow: happiness, excitement, openness, playfulness, curiosity, intelligence
Yellow-Green: passion, idealism, teaching with joy

Green: Councillor, teacher, growth, gentle strength, empathy
Turquoise: compassion, sensitivity, practicality, teacher, soothing, guide
Aquamarine: spiritual seeker, peacefulness, sensitivity
Light Blue: tranquillity, peace, idealism, spiritual light, religion, inner quiet

Blue: communication, intuition, rest, loyalty, wisdom, devotion

Indigo: clairvoyance, spiritual truth, abundance, imagination, neutrality

Violet: cosmic knowledge, faith, meditation, magic, imagination
Lavender: elfin-like amusement, fun, light-hearted, spontaneity
Blue-White: communication of spiritual ideals, angels, spirit guides

White: spirituality, divine energy, channelling, unity, unity, enlightenment

Aura Photographic – how does it work?

An Aura photograph is produced by a bio-feedback imaging system which scans the energy of the hand. This information passes through a computer program which creates colours around a person image on profession instant film.

The subject of the Aura photo sits in front of a black background to create the contrast for the colours to be most clearly visible on the photograph.

As with any photograph, you are looking at a reversed image of yourself. Therefore you right hand side appears on the photos left hand side and vice versa.

Colour Interpretations – what do the colours mean?

Right Side: The colour on your right side (the photo’s left side) is traditionally the energy being expressed. It is what you are putting out to the world.

Centre: The colour over your head is what you experience for yourself. It is the colour that would best describe you at present.

Left Side: The colour on your left side ( the photo’s right side) is normally the vibration coming into your life. The closer it is to you the sooner it may be felt.

RedVital, Powerful, Sexualpassionate, leader, excitablechallenges, new beginnings
Orangeambitious, expressive, dynamiccreative, managerial material, sociablenew concepts and ideas
Yellowcheerful, intellectual, humorousintelligent, logical, sociablenew mental abilities
Greenhealing, teaching, nurturingbalanced, responsible, harmoniouspersonal development, renewal
Bluecalming, loyal, sensitivetrustworthy, communicativegreat spiritual growth,
Violetmagical, charming, spiritualpsychic, mystical, privatedeep personal growth
Whiteopen minded, inspirational, unifyinghumanitarian, holistic, truedeveloping spiritual intuition